About Frank Kelly’s Ministry

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Every moment of each day, from the instant God breathed life into Adam, He continues to invite every man, woman and child to enter into a covenant relationship with the Holy Trinity.  Enjoining all of His children to commune with Him daily, He bids them to a journey of prayer and adoration, fasting and sacrifice.  He summons, wishing to soften the hearts of His children who may have wandered far from Him.  He dearly wishes to bestow on all His unwavering love, graces and mercy.  Few hear His voice; fewer still yield to the gentle call: “Abide with Me.”

Boston born, sixth child within a devout Irish Catholic family, Francis B. Kelly, was an ordinary man living an ordinary life – brother, husband, father and construction foreman.  Each day began with Mass at dawn, punctuated by silent rosaries and novenas throughout the workday and into the evening.

On December 5, 1985, while working on a hospital job site, he was severely electrocuted by what should have been a lethal dose of electricity.   Death certificate readied, all waited, only to be truly shocked, utterly amazed.   God hailed Frank back from the passageway of the dead, restoring him to life.  Charging the steadfast man who had listened keenly as a child for the Father’s voice, He commanded him with the commission, “Francis, Go and instruct.”  Reluctant at first, writhing in pain with a devastating case of rheumatoid arthritis and a crushing heart condition,  Frank paused for six years, repeatedly asking God, “ Instruct what?” (Frank’s witness is shared in his first book, Short Circuit to God, written by David Lang, PhD.)

Today his ministry consists of Healing Services, Confirmation instruction and Life in the Spirit seminars.  Frank travels throughout the country, offering teachings which clearly harken back to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  He is supported by his orthodox Spiritual Director, Rev. Ronald Tacelli, SJ as well as Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archdiocese of Boston, MA.*  Letter of authorization to evangelize is available here.

Recently, Fr. Tacelli, SJ, wrote in the preface of Frank’s second book, Gifted by the Holy Spirit, by David Lang, PhD:

“The man I met in 1990 struck me as disarmingly sincere….open to following God’s will wherever that might lead him.   But that was twenty five years ago.  A lot can change in twenty five years, love can gradually grow cold, eager enthusiasm can be replaced by dull routine, and the fire of the Holy Spirit, once brightly flaming can start to burn low – or can even be extinguished altogether.    Yet this has not happened with Frank.  …. In fact, if anything, Frank’s intense ardor and devotion to Christ have increased and deepened with the passing of time.”

Frank Kelly knows personally the Lord’s certainty in keeping His promise that Jesus said He would leave “many a sign and wonder.”   Faithfully, he lives his daily life of prayer and fasting, bent on reminding each and every man, woman and child whom he meets that they, too, are “a child of God.”   Should any be distracted with earthly quests and foolish pursuits, Frank is quick to reset their compass.  Offering his gift of personal prayers which are powerfully accentuated by his gifts of discerning word of knowledge and healing, he points all to “Heaven – our Eternal Home.”   Clearly, Frank Kelly understands the urgency of the Lord’s call to “Follow Me.”

Fr. Ronald K. TacelliFr. Ronald Tacelli

Fr. Ronald K. Tacelli is a Jesuit priest. He was ordained in 1982 and after a year in Germany began teaching full-time at Boston College, where he is presently Associate Professor of Philosophy. Fr.  Tacelli specializes in Modern Philosophy, specifically in the thought of Immanuel Kant, someone whose religious worldview would
have no place for  the likes of Frank Kelly. It was in 1990 that the two first met. Fr. Tacelli (a naturally skeptical person) credits the illness he was suffering at the time for his ability to hear Frank Kelly’s amazing story through to the end, and to take it (and him) seriously. Since 1990 Fr. Tacelli has been Frank Kelly’s Spiritual Director.  He has no doubt that the Lord has given Frank Kelly a special mission-and gift-of healing.