Gifted By The Holy Spirit
The Healing Ministry of Frank Kelly

gifted-by-the-holy-spirit-coverBy David Lang

Do you need spiritual consolation? A greater degree of hope? More confidence in God’s providential care for you? Reading this book may help you increase your trust in the divine mercy, as you witness God’s work in the life of one man and the many people touched through him.

Having survived electrocution from a usually fatal voltage, Frank Kelly’s life took a dramatic turn. “From here on, I take over,” declared our Lord Jesus Christ in a subsequent apparition to Frank. These jolting events led to a prayer ministry marked by the pronounced gifts of word of knowledge and healing. This book is the sequel to Short Circuit to God, picking up the story of Frank Kelly’s ministry where the first book left off.

Short Circuit To God
The Electrifying Spiritual Journal of Frank Kelly

ShortCircuitToGod_cover-253x423By David Lang

The book tells the story of Frank Kelly’s fascinating journey with God.  Rooted in prayer and devotion to the sacraments, Frank believes that his Catholic upbringing and guardian angel protected him through his electrocution.  His relationship with God the Father strengthened and sustained him through numerous spiritual events that have happened in recent years.  To glorify the Father and with permission from his Bishop*, Frank now travels throughout the country teaching and sharing his life-changing experiences.

* Letter of Authorization can be made available

All proceeds for “Short Circuit To God” are sent to missionary priests in India
and Ghana to help the poor.